Explanation logo 2PI

1. Red, Green, Blue: the basic colors. Each program, project or interim job has a basis to succeed (this basis can be very small or hard to find but it is there)

2. All programs or projects exist of blocks which together form óne basis. The same with the 2PI logo, if you move all three basic blocks and the white block in one, you get óne compleet new block.

3. The circel in the midle (the eye of the number 2) is the circel of influence. You as customer decide how big this is (mathematical formula 2∏R). A small circel means teams that manage themselves, a large circel means that you expect a great deal of hands-on mentality and steering of 2PI.

4. ∏ is a known fact(3,14159265), just like the company 2PI!

5. 2∏ stands for 2PI, which stands for PPI, which stands for Program-, Project- and Interim Management.

Logo 2PI