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    Welcome at the 2PI website

    In January 2007 the company 2PI was founded. The name 2PI (PPI) is derived from the following areas:

    rogram Management
    roject Management
    nterim Management

    2PI offers your organisation advice and hands-on consultancy on above areas.

    The mission of 2PI is:
    "2PI is thé constructor and specialist, who delivers the (organisational) changes on time, within budget & according to agreed quality. We do what we have promised, and we promise that what is realistic."

    Are you interested in what 2PI can mean for your company then this website will provide you with this information. If you need more information then contact me.

    Eildert-Jan Boekholt
  • Wie is 2PI

    Who is 2PI
    With more than 15 years of experience in the Telecom and ICT industry my customers and suppliers describes me as a successful and decisive manager of departments and organisations, programs and projects. The experience was gained by managing of strategic projects, project portfolio's and organisations with for example KPN, Telfort and 6GMOBILE.

    Each organisation (starting, professional or stucked) can is capable the make changes. These changes can be new products, improvements or organisational changes. The level of complexity determines the level of challenge!
                  2PI will make impossibilities possible'.

    After my study Telematics I started as engineer. Via different types of projects/departments I developed myself from projectleader, project manager, senior project manager, program manager, manager program management, Sr. Manager/Director Programs & Projects till CTO. I have followed several personality- and management trainings in 'De Baak' in Noordwijk. Besides those softkills I own the necessary hardskills such as Prince2 and University qualified Project Manager.

  • Waarom 2PI

    Do you recognize this?
    “… This project takes already more than 2 years …”
    “… This program is to big for us to manage …”
    “… What a mess, how do we get a structure in this …”
    “… We are looking for somebody who is temporarily available with knowledge of …”
    “… This project can't be successfull under these circumstances …”
    “… Processes are not efficient …”
    “… I do not have the overview (status, budget, resources, risk) …”

    Yes, then hereby the 5 reasons why 2PI?
    • >15 years of experience in Program-, Project- en Interim Management in which the
      end result/deliverable is accomplished as agreed
    • large customers and organisations have preceded (o.a. AH, Debitel, Tele2,
      Telfort, Postbank, KPN, OPTA)
    • qualified, skilled and certified
    • because 2PI always find a solution for the problem, fast and decisive!
    • large and important network to make things happen

    Which ever form of contract you choose, 2PI makes it possible!
    • hourly/day price
    • fixed price/fixed time
    • risk/reward model

  • Portfolio

    Program Management

    A program is a temporarily set of interdependent projects and activities directed to achieve benefits that are of strategic importance. The program manager defines and manages the program setup.

    Project Management

    A project is a temporary organisation that is needed to produce a unique and predefined outcome or result at a prespecified time using predetermined resources. The project manager will execute all tasks that are neccesary to accomplish the predefined project outcome such as; planning, control, organize and coordination of all tasks that are part of the project, but also people management and motivation of the project resources.

    Interim Management

    You want to execute and control direct changes in your organisation? You have a need of a temporarily manager within a organisation or project to fill a gap? One of the most flexible and practical resourcing tools is Interim Management: to use temporarily a experienced manager for a short period. The Interim Manager develops and manages the organisation towards predefined targets and helps by adjusting to changing environments. He will manage, coach, advise and train the resources, departments and projects. The Interim manager will introduce concrete solutions and implement these by using his personal skills and experience to succeed in a short period.

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